Plant-based performance

These are seed to table, directly from the source, certified organic products that were formulated by real people, with real problems, and a real need to find their most effective and productive selves. Join us. 

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The perfect daily ritual.

One takes you up, the other brings you gently back to earth. 


Drink Tablets


Easy, great lifestyle choices. 

Replace (or enhance) your daily coffee doses. Supercharge.



Anytime Tincture

The best anytime tincture. 

Turn your current dependable vice into something dependably nice. 


Benefits of PlantFix

24/7 Peak Self

Our products wield dichotomy and are designed to help you maximize your potential. AM takes you up, PM brings you gently back to earth. Begin and end each day right.

Certified Organic

We only use the best ingredients so you can get the best results. We bought the farm to make sure this is true. A lot of companies say a lot of things, we mean what we say.

Plant Based

Stop putting "87 octane" in your fuel tank. You deserve the Premium. We harness the power of plants and other naturals that your body craves to fuel your brain and body. 

Become a Founder

In life you're either a leader or a follower. You're on the bleeding edge or somewhere behind the pack, putting your foot in the prints left behind by the braver, more adventurous people. Our newest Founder's Edition formulation is for the alphas that know it takes innovation and the occasional life hack to stay alpha. Be one of the few that get our limited number run of this incredible life enhancer.

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