Our Story

PlantFix was a skunkworks project that was spun out of parent company Socati.

We supply a third of the CBD industry with core, organic ingredients that have, in-turn, supported the growth of the industry.

Our ingredients can be found in everything from CBD infused teas, to every single topical you can imagine rubbing on yourself, dog treats, vitamins, energy drinks, you name it.

We are true “seed to table”. We own the dirt (in Oregon) that our proprietary seeds go into and our plants are cultivated and shipped to our manufacturing facility (in Bozeman) that distills out the good stuff.

We are also one of the only fully certified organic CBD manufacturers.

Along the way, we have logged thousands of hours in wellness product research, manufacturing, and core seed genetics.

So, being the scientists that we are, we created some pretty wicked “home-brews” and concepts for everything under the sun. Through necessity though, we continually found ourselves tinkering with our “plant-based productivity” formulations to see if we could match the Limitless pill (and of course become Bradley Cooper even though that would technically make us less handsome).

There are over 3,000 CBD companies selling all types of products with all types of claims.

Why buy from them when you can finally buy directly from the source, certified organic, formulated by real people, with real problems, and a real need to find their most effective and productive selves. Join us.